Comb or No Comb - Ways to wear wedding comb

January 31, 2021 2 min read

Comb or No Comb - Ways to wear wedding comb

When a bride-to-be sets out on a journey in search of the dream veil for her wedding day, first thing that pops to mind is usually "What length of a veil should I get?", however there is a bit more to that. We will talk a little about the differences between veil with comb, and veil without a comb - also known as a drop veil.

Comb or no comb, that is the question

The most common and classic veil design is one that comes with a comb, which can be made of alloy metal or plastic.

Alloy Bridal Veil Comb
Alloy Metal Bridal Veil Wire Comb with 20 teeth
Plastic Bridal Veil Comb
Plastic Bridal Veil Comb with 18 teeth


Denika Royal Veil | Mademoiselle Bridal
Denika Royal Veil with Comb

The best things about wearing a veil with comb is that they don't fall out easily if you are going to wear your hair up or in a bun. The comb will sit nicely in your hair and you will not have to worry about the veil falling out as you walk down the aisle.

The No-Comb Option - Drop Veil

A drop veil is designed to sit (or drop, quite literally) over the face during the wedding ceremony and then pulled back to create a two layered veil. It is the perfect style if you want to add a sense of formality to your wedding whilst staying classically chic. It sits flat against the head and lacks gathers so there’s no volume or puffiness. You or your HMUA can opt to secure it in your hair with a hat pin.

Hat Pin for Drop Veil
Hat Pins
Cataleya Shoulder Veil | Mademoiselle Bridal
Cataleya Shoulder Veil
(Most of our veil designs can be made without a comb)
If you are unsure whether you should choose a veil with comb or a drop veil, simply send us a message, or discuss with your HMUA and ask for recommendations and ideas.

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