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Unwrinkling Your Wedding Veil

The delicate material used to create wedding tulle veil can be creased easily during shipping, so it is essential to follow these steps to unwrinkle your veil prior to your wedding day.

See our tips below on how to remove wrinkles and creases from your wedding veil. 

Hang up your wedding veil right away

Remove your veil out of its packaging as soon as it arrives and hang it up straight away, so that it hangs freely without touching the floor. Give it a few days to allow gravity to do its job. After that majority of the the wrinkles and creases should fall out on their own.

Hang it in a steamy bathroom

If wrinkles and creases are not completely gone, try hanging it in a steamy bathroom. Attach your veil to a hanger and let it hang on the door in your bathroom while you shower (note: hang it on the bathroom door, not the shower door). Steam from the shower will help release the wrinkles from your veil. Allow your veil to dry and check for wrinkles. If they still exist, repeat this step or move on to the next method.

Light mist & hair dryer

Using a spray bottle filled with warm water, lightly mist your veil keeping the veil about 25cm away from the mister. Make sure that the veil does not get wet, just lightly misted. Then use a hair dryer on the lowest setting, holding it at least 12 inches away from the veil, and keeping it moving constantly so as not to overheat or scorch any one spot. You can place one hand underneath the tulle while you hairdry the veil to ensure it is not being overheated.

Dry cleaner

As a last resort or if you are in a hurry you can take your veil to a dry cleaner, who can press it properly within a day or so. For a small fee, a dry cleaner will be able to professionally steam out the wrinkles in your veil.

Whatever you do, never take an iron to it, as it can melt the delicate tulle material.
Ironing the veil will cause damage to your veil which will not be repairable.

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